If you want to buy or lease a Mercedes-Benz SUV, we invite you to visit our luxury car dealership in St. Charles, IL. Similarly, we encourage you to contact our casino slot machine big wins, and the surrounding areas if you have questions about your vehicle’s alignment.

Here are some questions motorists often ask us about alignments.

  • What is an alignment? An alignment is an automotive service that’s often referred to as a wheel or suspension alignment. This service entails adjusting your suspension so that your wheels point in the correct direction.
  • Why will my car need an alignment? A number of factors can throw your car’s alignment off. Running into a curb, star casino, or being involved in an accident are some of the things that can cause your vehicle to become misaligned.
  • Will I be able to tell that my car needs an alignment? In many cases, yes. If your vehicle pulls to the side, your tires have uneven or premature wear, or your fuel costs have spiked recently, it might be an indication that your car needs to be re-aligned.
  • Do I need to have my alignment checked even if my car doesn’t seem to need a re-alignment? Yes, it’s a good idea to have your alignment inspected no less than once per year, although having it checked every 6,000 miles or whenever you get your oil changed is preferable.
  • Should I schedule a service appointment? Yes, you should schedule an appointment to bring your automobile into our Mercedes-Benz service center near Aurora, IL if you suspect your alignment needs an inspection or service. We’ll be happy to get it taken care of.

Do you have additional questions about alignments? Get in touch with Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles so we can answer them today.