Do you want to buy or lease one of the vehicles in our new Mercedes-Benz car inventory? Has a Mercedes-Benz SUV in our pre-owned inventory captured your interest? Whether you want to get a new or previously owned Mercedes-Benz model, you’ll want to get the most out of your premium ride. One way you can do that is by doing whatever you can to prolong the life of your battery.

Your battery has some crucial responsibilities. It’s responsible for starting your engine, for example. Your battery is also the component that supplies power to things like your radio, power windows, and power-adjustable seats, among other things.

To make your battery last, you should refrain from draining your battery by using electrical features like your infotainment system when your engine isn’t running. You should also avoid parking in direct sunlight when it’s hot and sunny outside. Heat is a direct threat to the lifespan of car batteries so park in the shade or a covered garage when the temperature spikes.

Driving for at least 30 minutes regularly will also help your battery to last. If you only take short trips or don’t drive often enough, your alternator won’t have time to keep your battery charged, which will shorten the battery’s lifetime.

Bringing your car into our Mercedes-Benz service center near Aurora, IL in accordance with your routine maintenance schedule will help your battery last longer as well. We’ll test your battery, remove any corrosion, and make sure it’s secure in its position. If a battery isn’t tightly secured, it will rattle around. When it rattles, your battery may experience life-shortening damage.

Do you want more tips about extending the life of your battery? To learn more about making your battery last, contact Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles now!