At Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our showroom hosts a wide selection of certified pre-owned and brand new Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles, and our staff provides service that is second to none. One major part of customer satisfaction is car maintenance, and no maintenance is more important than checking your vehicle’s fluids.

One of the best things you can do for the life of your vehicle is to make sure its fluids are adequately topped off and swapped when needed. The fluids in your car can keep your car running smoothly well into the future.

Oil is one of the many vital fluids for your vehicle. Oil keeps your engine lubricated, which can improve the overall lifespan of your car. Your oil needs to be changed once every three months, or 3,000 miles.

Radiator fluid is another essential vehicle fluid to keep an eye on. Radiator fluid keeps your engine from overheating, which, if there isn’t enough of it, could result in you stranded on the side of the road, with smoke spewing from under the hood of your car. If you want to add more radiator fluid to your vehicle, be sure only to do so when the engine hasn’t been running. Radiators are pressurized when hot, and can result in some pretty severe burn injuries if you’re not careful.

You should keep an eye on your transmission fluid as well, as it keeps your transmission lubricated, and can help avoid potentially budget wrecking maintenance jobs.

Fortunately, if you’re looking to maintain your vehicle’s fluids you don’t have to go it alone- our skilled staff at Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles can help. We are one of the Mercedes-Benz dealers who offer experienced and comprehensive servicing. Our dealership serves Mercedes-Benz buyers from St. Charles, Aurora and beyond, and is located at 225 North Randall Road, in St. Charles, IL. Let our service team, keep your vehicle running smoothly and healthily, well into the future.