As Mercedes dealers, we’re getting used to good news from Mercedes-Benz, but it never gets old! The automaker released information earlier this month pertaining to a stellar month of sales in March 2013, with record-breaking earnings that were 3.5% higher than March of 2012.

With so many new models appearing, especially in the US, we’re not really surprised to see Mercedes-Benz sales soar. To be precise, March 2013 was “the best month in our company’s history to date,” according to Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing. The United States contributed an increase in sales of 12.5% for the quarter. The B-Class was a strong performer in Europe, so as Mercedes dealers we’re looking forward to the day that the B-Class Electric Drive model becomes available in the US (later this year).

A major effort by Mercedes-Benz to introduce a flock of new models seems to be paying off, as Mercedes branches out in to new markets and makes luxury affordable and appropriate for a wider range of consumers. With new “entry-level” offerings and exciting developments in more diverse body styles, like compacts, SUVs and crossovers.

Our St. Charles Mercedes-Benz dealership has seen firsthand how much our small corner of the world loves Mercedes-Benz. And with exciting news like the appearance of the GLA-Class concept vehicle earlier this month and the super-smooth not-yet-available 2014 S-Class, we’re sure that future sales numbers will continue to impress. If you want to do your part to bolster Mercedes-Benz sales next quarter, please contact our St. Charles dealership to learn more about what we have available in our inventory.