No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, certain components will wear out as time goes by and you spend more time behind the wheel. Some parts, your battery, can give little warning when they’re about to fail. Other components, such as your brake pads, often show signs that they need to be replaced.

With your brakes so crucial to keeping you safe on the road, it’s important for you to recognize the signs that indicate you need new brake pads. As Mercedes-Benz dealers serving Batavia, IL and nearby areas, we can tell you that a common sign you need to replace your brake pads is noise.

Most modern brake pads have a built-in wear indicator, a small metal strip. When a pad gets too thin, this strip will become exposed and grate against the rotor, which will create a squealing or screeching sound. If you hear a high-pitched sound coming from a wheel well, you need to replace your brake pads soon. When that sound changes into a grinding noise, you can’t put off changing your brake pads any longer: they could fail at any moment.

Brake fade is another sign that your brake pads are worn. With brake fade, your car will require a greater stopping distance than it used to. Brake fade is often the result of applying the brakes for an extended period without actually stopping your automobile, such as when you’re driving down a mountain road.

If your brake pedal feels soft or your car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, which could be another sign that you need new brake pads. When you notice one of those things or another sign that your brake pads are worn, bring your vehicle into our Mercedes-Benz service center near Aurora, IL. We look forward to working on your vehicle at Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles!