We’re used to Mercedes pushing the envelope in automotive tech, but the fact that they’re such genius innovators means that it’s difficult to predict what’s next. But when we got wind of news that the automaker may be planning to implement some truly cutting-edge technology in future Mercedes-Benz models, our interest was definitely piqued.

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America is currently investigating how Google’s newest and most buzzed-about technology could be of use in their autos. Currently, interest lies mostly in Google Glass’s GPS possibilities for an intuitive interface that allows for a smooth transition from spoken pedestrian directions to in-car navigation. For example, if the last part of your directions involve you walking a ways from where you parked your Mercedes, Google Glass could help navigate you the rest of the way on foot once you exit the car.

A similar maneuver is no doubt already possible with a smart phone and a navigation app, but we think that this is just one of many convenience features Mercedes-Benz could cook up in collaboration with the search giant. We can think of many awesome Mercedes-Benz safety and tech features and services we’d love to take with us once we’ve parked, and Google Glass may make that possible.

As a Mercedes-Benz fan in St. Charles, how do you see Google Glass potentially shaping the future of Mercedes-Benz auto tech? Would you be interested in using it for navigating or communicating with your car? Let your Mercedes-Benz dealership in St. Charles know! Of course, to see the tech and navigation features currently available on Mercedes-Benz models you can always come see the models at our dealership in person.