When you think of Mercedes-Benz, you automatically think of the upper echelons of vehicle craftsmanship. From the innovations of the 2019 Mercedes E-Class to the classic style and luxury of the 2019 Mercedes C-Class, every inch of a new Mercedes-Benz is precisely-engineered to be the best. However, not many of us may think of the leaps and bounds that this iconic luxury car brand is taking in regard to safety. So today, Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles wants to change that, letting you know just how protected you are behind the wheel of your Mercedes-Benz.

There are several driver-assist features on the road to add brake when a collision is imminent, but all of them don’t have Mercedes-Benz’s exclusive PRESAFE® technology to back it up. In the seconds before collision, PRESAFE® initiates a series of measures to ensure that maximum passenger safety is achieved: the head restraints adjust for maximum support against the airbags that are about to deploy, the seat belts pre-tighten to reduce movement, and closes the windows and sunroof if a rollover is considered a possibility. Finally, with the PRESAFE® Sound feature, your Mercedes-Benz can emit a specifically-tuned noise to trigger a reflex in your inner ear to protect it from the pressure changes present in a loud crash.

Mercedes-Benz also keeps its eye on the fatigue levels of its drivers as well with ATTENTION ASSIST®. There have been studies indicating that sleepy drivers are just as dangerous as intoxicated ones, so ATTENTION ASSIST studies your driving habits to establish a baseline of how you drive, then uses that and a variety of other outside factors to determine driver attentiveness. If the system thinks the driver is sleepy, it emits a warning reminding them to take a break.

Mercedes-Benz has been and will always be on the cutting edge of keeping our customers safe. So come into our St. Charles, IL Mercedes-Benz dealership for the best deals on the safest luxury vehicles on the road. We’ll see you soon!